PostHeaderIcon Mission

The Meert/Zoller Financial Group seeks to be the ethical financial services advocate that every business and individual deserves.


PostHeaderIcon Vision

To fulfill this mission, MZFG commits to:

  • Providing premier services for discerning clients

  • Focusing on relationships, not transactions

  • Empowering clients to take action in their own best interest

  • Tailoring distinctive solutions to match each client’s situation

PostHeaderIcon Principles

To achieve that vision, MZFG commits to:

  • Integrity to place our clients’ long-term welfare above our short-term gains

  • Courage to tell our clients what they need to know, even when it is not comfortable or expedient to do so

  • Quality to continually extend our skills, knowledge, and abilities for the benefit of our clients’ well being

  • Service to treat every client with the courtesy, competence, and consideration that we would want to be treated with ourselves