The Meert/Zoller Financial Group (MZFG) was formed in 2002. Since that time, MZFG has earned the trust and respect of hundreds of clients and put more than $15 million in assets under management.

Where the members of some firms emphazise sales and rapid transaction turnover, the MZFG partners, Jim Meert and Gary Zoller, prefer to invest their time in forging strong relationships with clients and honing their financial management skills.

Jim and Gary are seasoned professionals who know how to navigate the complex finance and insurance marketplaces. They have been active in the securities field since 2000. Jim has a broker/deal relationship with American Equity Investments Corporation. The state of Indiana recognizes MZFG as a registered investment advisor (RIA) and an Indiana Insurance Agency.

In short, Jim and Gary have the expertise, the energy, and the ethical commitment that you deserve from your financial advocates. As highly skilled investment planners, they know how to maximize results while minimizing risk. And as family men, they understand the importance of planning for the future while enjoying the present.